The Green Pheasant honors Japanese culinary traditions while also celebrating regional foodways and ingredients. Under the direction of co-chefs Jess Benefield and Trey Burnette, of Seed Hospitality, our menu reflects their interpretation of seasonal Japanese cuisine and includes ingredients sourced directly from Japan, as well as continuing to utilize meats and produce from local farmers with The Nashville Food Project, Bells Bend Farms, No. 9 Farms and Marmilu Farms, to name just a few. The Green Pheasant is perfect for business lunch events, date nights, client dinners, group dining, or catching a chef-driven meal at a locally-owned establishment before an event or show.

The Green Pheasant
215 1st Avenue South
Nashville TN 37201

Monday - Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday 11am - 11pm
Saturday 12 Noon - 11pm

Ikigai (a happy hour)
Monday - Friday 2pm - 5pm

Self Parking
Dinner $5 from 5pm - 3am for the first 2.5 hours with validation
Lunch $5 from 11am - 2pm for the first 1.5 hours with validation
Market rate all other times

Valet Parking Available for Dinner Friday and Saturday
Dinner $12 / Lunch $6

Private event stuff